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Cancellation and No Show Policy


All cancellations of treatments must be cancelled at least 24 hours prior to your appointment date & time.


After any first NO SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION occurrence, a deposit of half (50%) of the treatment price is required in order to book/reschedule your next appointment. The deposit is fully creditable or refundable if the appointment is cancelled or rescheduled with at least a 24-hour notice.

For patients who have purchased package deals, any NO-SHOW or LATE CANCELLATION treatment will automatically be deducted from the package balance.

New-Patients: If you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment within the 24-hour notice window, you will forfeit use of any new-client promotions, discounts, or coupons.

We reserve the right to refuse appointments to any patient who has demonstrated disregard of our cancellation policy.

Thank you,

Luxe Laser Center Management

Friend Referral Program Policy Details


Luxe Laser Center: Dr. Janna Oganessian

Luxe Laser Center "Friend Referral Program" is available to all patients, and credit earned by this program can only be used towards future treatments and procedure.

$25 friend referral credited to referring patient, usable towards next laser hair removal treatment. Referral credit is NON-TRANSFERABLE among patients/clients. Referred friend MUST complete and show up for first treatment/appointment in order for referring patient/client to quality for this program. Referring patient can use referral credit anytime AFTER referred patient has completed his/her first treatment/appointment. Referral credit can not be used towards product purchases and/or treatments valued less than $25. Referral credit does not expire. Referred friend must indicate name of referring patient/client at time of treatment/appointment. (Not retroactive) Quantity one (1) - $25 referral credit can be earned PER friend referral. Limit one (1) friend referral credit ($25) used PER transaction. Can not be combined with other offer or promotion. There is no limit on number of friends which can be referred, and thus total number of friend referral credits which can be earned by any single patient/client is limitless.

Package Deal Savings


At Luxe Laser Center, we offer great savings through package deal options for our menu of services. Because the discount applied within these packages is given upfront, the packages are final sale and non-refundable. If patient decides to discontinue a treatment included in his/her package, we will apply any remaining credit toward a treatment option of your choice. Package credit does not expire, and is non-transferrable amongst patients. Package deal credit is not applicable for use toward product purchases. If you have any questions regarding package pricing or policies, please email or call pour office for further details.

Consent Forms


It is customary medical practice to be given a consent form prior to the medical service you are to receive. You will be given a consent form, which describes the treatment you are to receive in terms of: overall description, potential risks and side effects, alternative therapies, and other relevant disclosures. Each one of our offered procedures has its individual corresponding consent form, and must be read and signed/dated prior to receiving any treatment.

Note: Dr. Janna Oganessian / Luxe Laser Center reserves the right to refuse treatment to any patient who does not sign the consent for treatment or consent to arbitrate form(s). Thank you in advance for your understanding of our policies and guidelines.